The company is designing technology to help Canadian Navy Maritime Lookouts detect and track objects of interest

Vancouver, B.C. – June 14, 2021Metaspectral, a company offering technology that makes it possible to derive real-time insights from AI using ultra-high-resolution, visible-to-infrared (hyperspectral) imagery, was one of a select few companies awarded up to $200,000 as the first funding component of the Department of National Defence’s Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS) program for the Better Than Meets the Eye challenge.

The Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces (DND/CAF) were seeking innovative solutions to assist Maritime lookouts in detecting, characterizing, and tracking objects of interest to improve the efficiency and safety of maritime operations. 

“The role of the maritime lookout is crucial. They are often the first to observe danger at sea, and the safety of ships depends on them. A lookout must spot and quickly identify navigational hazards or other threats,” said Metaspectral CTO, Migel Tissera. “But, we cannot ignore the fact that after long hours, lookouts may become fatigued and are more likely to be prone to human error. This is further compounded by fog and other weather conditions that can reduce visibility.”

The Navy will continue to rely on human lookouts but is also seeking innovative solutions to augment and support a lookout’s ability to see, accurately characterize, and track all items of interest within the range of vision, especially in conditions of low visibility.

“We are designing technology that will use machine learning to enhance the capabilities of marine lookouts. Our technology has the ability to collect and process unprecedented quantities of data from across the electromagnetic spectrum, creating ultra-high definition images,” added Tissera. “Because we can compress data without losing quality, our technology retains more of the original images than has been previously possible. This will make it easier to spot items of interest in high detail.”

AI analysis requires high-quality data, the more data that can be efficiently processed, the better the result. 

A prototype by Metaspectral is expected to be ready by the end of the year.

“Metaspectral is proud to be supporting the important safety and security operations of our brave Canadian armed forces,”  added Tissera. “This is just one of many practical real-world uses of our proprietary technology. We’re grateful for the opportunity to demonstrate our talents and abilities in this portion of military research and development.”


About Metaspectral

Metaspectral is a technology company making it possible to derive real-time insights from AI using ultra-high-resolution, visible-to-infrared (hyperspectral) images. It offers proprietary solutions for multispectral and hyperspectral data management, with world-leading technology for lossless data compression, transmission, storage management, and artificial intelligence (AI). Metaspectral is ideal for applications in a range of industries including recycling, the military, aerospace, agriculture, and more. Learn more:

About IDEaS

IDEaS is a defence innovation program announced in Canada’s defence policy: Strong, Secure, Engaged. It commits the Canadian government to $1.6 billion of investment in innovations for defence and security over the next 20 years. The program is looking for solutions to support the development of defence and security capabilities. IDEaS fosters open innovation by providing creative thinkers with the structure and support to encourage solutions, which will assist in solving some of Canada’s toughest defence and security challenges. IDEaS supports the development of solutions from their conceptual stage, through prototype testing and capability development. The program promotes collaboration between innovators and provides developmental resources and opportunities to interact with DND’s science and military members.

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