We have world leading solutions in each of the categories of compression, transmission and storage management of spectral data.

Other Applications


Monitoring and collecting data from dangerous and inaccessible areas help to monitor and analyze environmental threats like changing coastal depths and deforestation.


Distinguish recycling materials through imaging for accurate and easily sorting. This opens the door to new recycling and production possibilities.


Be able to detect valuable minerals like gold and diamonds from imaging. Be alerted immediately to oil and gas leakages from pipelines and natural wells.


Hyperspectral imaging has been proven to locate bloodstains with a higher degree of effectiveness than chemical methods. Also is helpful for distinguishing differences in otherwise similar materials.


Distinguish between pills that look identical but have a slight differences in chemical compositions to remove defective products before going to market.


Identify discolourations, mould, insects and other foreign objects and disease through imaging. Improve product quality while lowering the risk of lowgrade or unsafe products.

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