Multispectral and hyperspectral imaging is used in many techniques in tactical military applications. Hyperspectral imaging is particularly useful in military surveillance because of countermeasures that military entities now take to avoid airborne surveillance. It also shows potential to be used in facial recognition purposes.

Applications in Defense

Monitoring conditions

From knowledge comes the ability to intelligently defend. Spectral imaging can gather information about a battlespace. It can also be useful in the monitoring of international treaty compliance.

Identification of targets

Imaging allows you to see what the eye cannot see. It is particularly useful in discrimination between targets and decoys and defeating camouflage. Also, for identification of camouflage from natural foliage and recently overturned soil which indicates the possibility of roadside improvised explosive devices.

Detection of threat

Spectral imaging provides detection, recognition and identification of targets, including low-signature targets. Assist in early warning for long range missiles and space surveillance, detect weapons of mass destruction and landmines.

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