Multispectral and hyperspectral imaging is the detection of light reflected by the crop. Crops reflect light differently depending on its health. Spectral imaging can provide an overall overview of the growth and health of the crops as well as develop solutions for biological and chemical discrepancies encountered in the field.

Spectral imaging is now widely used in agriculture and precision farming

Applications in Agriculture

Detection of crop threat

With spectral imaging you can detect a wide variety of crop threats; contaminants, heavy metals, crop disease, stress and detection of impurities. Determination of the health of fields and detection of possible infections can lead to greater yields and less waste.

Maintenance of Water + nitrogen

With spectral imaging you can control and assess the water sources available. Imaging and analyzation of water and nitrogen levels in soil are very important. Water and nitrogen deficiency are serious agricultural problems resulting in stunted growth and death of crops. Increase growth rate by detecting and addressing in early crop growth stages.

Vegetation mapping

Vegetation mapping provides valuable information for understanding natural and man-made environments through quantifying vegetation cover from local to global scales at a given time point or over a continuous period. It is imperative to obtain the current states of vegetation cover in order to initiate vegetation protection and future restoration programs.

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